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In a race to meet carbon targets, the world has entered the first energy crisis of the clean energy era

About Us


Provide leaders with the data-driven insights & roadmaps they need to bring about a low-carbon, high-energy future.

At Radiant Energy Group we understand that the clean-energy industry will need new, empirically-driven communication strategies with which to engage skeptical stakeholders on the issues of cost, reliability and environmental impact.


Governments and investors will need a framework for a new type of climate agreement, which should lock in carbon-free technology while securing growth and equity for the Global South. And policymakers will need a model for developing reliable electricity, which must deal with a volatile climate and intermittent renewables without sacrificing social and economic goals. 

A better world is possible!


Our Work

Mark W. Nelson

Founder & Managing Director​​
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Richard Ollington

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CEO advisory

An independent and confidential sounding board and consultant

Risk advisory

Identify and mitigate potential risks, threats and vulnerabilities

Data insight

Analyse and visualize data to drive understanding and action

Growth creation

Target areas of strategic growth potential 

Keynote speeches

Talks to business, policymakers, media, and the public about energy

Sustainability consulting

Optimize operations to lower social and environmental impacts 


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